Green Maritime Forum to put Green Shipping Practices in the Spotlight (April 23-24, 2018)

Green Maritime Forum – a 2-day event full of panels, talks, discussions and social events – will take place in Hamburg! Maritime industry professionals from all over the world including shipowners, shipbuilding companies, shipyards, ports, associations and maritime service providers will convene to discuss developments in the shipping sector on 23-24 April 2018! The shipping industry feels the pressure to reduce its emissions and lessen its negative effect on the environment. Unfortunately, because of the globality of the industry, it’s difficult to have a central entity that could impose green initiatives on all shipping practitioners. That is why there is the need for collaboration in order to make significant progress. To achieve this goal, Wisdom Events has organised the Green Maritime Forum.


The attendee list is plentiful and includes such renowned industry leaders like:

  • MSC Group
  • Carnival Maritime
  • Hapag-Lloyd AG
  • A.P. Møller – Maersk
  • Shell Marine
  • Total Lubmarine and Ardmore Shipping Corporation

The Forum will offer a wide variety of important information and learning opportunities through enlightening presentations and lively debates. The main subjects include factors affecting shipping and bunkering progress, environmental regulations, smart shipping solutions, latest Maritime industry trends and more. The attendees can expect plenty of time to interact with fellow professionals from all over the world by getting involved in the Cocktail Reception which will start off with the GMF Awards Ceremony at the conclusion of the first day. The participants will embark upon a two-hour boat ride on the MS River Star vessel. During the evening, they will be able to marvel at the sights of Hamburg from the Elbe river and engage in informal networking.Wisdom Events can’t wait to gather the best and the brightest in Maritime and encourage the exchange of ideas along with productive business meetings. Register to attend the Green Maritime Forum on 23-24 April, 2018 in Hamburg! For more information about the Summit and the Award ceremony go to:

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