LNG to be Discussed at Annual Summit in Hamburg (April 25-26, 2018)

Following the very successful LNG Summits in Cannes, France in 2016 and Barcelona, Spain in 2017, Wisdom Events is delighted to announce that the 3rd International LNG Summit will be held in Hamburg, Germany on April 25-26th, 2018! With the global demand for LNG is growing rapidly, there might be a danger of short supply. In these circumstances it is important to make smart investments and secure potential suppliers — these can be difficult decisions to make in isolation. That is what makes it imperative for key LNG industry players to convene together and find ways to make the LNG sector as prosperous as possible.


For the third time, the International LNG Summit welcomes industry representatives from leading companies and government organisations, such as:

  • Tractebel
  • Eni
  • MSC Cruise Management
  • Swedegas
  • Carnival Corporation
  • Baker Hughes
  • GE Company
  • NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Creon Capital
  • OAPEC and many more

The discussions will range from LNG technologies and its infrastructure development and trends of existing as well as emerging LNG markets to governmental influence on securing sustainable industry growth. Wisdom Events has organised a two-day event to highlight the hurdles that gas and LNG industry practitioners face and celebrate the ones they’ve already overcome. The outstanding achievements of companies and individuals will be recognized at the LNG Industry Awards. The Awards Ceremony will take place during the most notable networking opportunity — Cocktail Reception — enhanced by delicious food and drinks. It’s a great way to finish off the first day of the Summit and stay excited for the second. The special networking evening will take place on the MS River Star vessel and will take attendees on a 2-hour boat ride on the river Elbe. As organisers, the Wisdom Events team, are looking forward to panel sessions that will illuminate different perspectives and experiences, hearing speakers provide new knowledge and support peer-to-peer learning while enjoying social events that will promote conversation and collaboration in future business ventures. Don’t miss the 3rd International LNG Summit that is waiting for you in Hamburg on 25th and 26th of April 2018! For more information about the Summit and the Awards Ceremony go to: https://www.lngsummit.org/.

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