Enhancing Operational Competence and Improving Dredging Strategies

ACI’s Asia-Pacific Dredging Summit will provide invaluable solutions from expert dredging experiences with thorough examination of indispensable dredging strategies for efficient project management and overall operational success.

Current and future maritime manpower demand & supply needs for dredging works will be discussed in detail. Evaluating the extent to which modern dredger investments can increase success and execution of dredging projects specifically in the Asia-Pacific, techniques for cost effective disposal of dredged material that meet Asia-Pacific regulatory requirements and fresh water dredging and understanding how the creation of environmentally friendly ports will be impacted by future dredging operations will also be thoroughly addressed.

More topic items to be reviewed are use of vertical drains to accelerate the consolidation of embankments to promote successful dredging projects and methods to improve project dredging project pricing.

The two day conference will consist of a number of informative presentations followed by an interactive Q&A session, panel discussions which will give a deep insight on the views shared from the different aspects of dredging and open discussion to further involve the delegates.

Taking part in the summit will undoubtedly allow participants to increase their understanding of dredging operation in order to maximise their business potential.


Asia-Pacific Dredging Summit

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